Telic Medical


Our medical division was the forerunner of Telic Group and is its raison d’être. We started out with this and thanks to it we have grown, we are present throughout the world and it made it possible for us to acquire the experience that has made us the company that we are: a company renowned in the sector and at the service of medicine. The passage of time has helped to shape our innovative, dynamic character.




Our Medical Division is made up of several product ranges:


 – SURGERY: a complete range of consumables for electrosurgery, vascular surgery and general surgery.


 – CARDIOLOGY: a wide range of ECG electrodes, defibrillator and electrotherapy consumables.


 – GELS: designed to optimise diagnostic medicine using ultrasound and electric waves.


 – COMFORT: a range of devices created to improve both patient comfort and care and to facilitate nursing care.



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