Swift Pass Medical


Swift Pass Medical is a new innovative UK Vascular device company that has just launched its new single use SwiftPass Vascular Tunneller, which is intended for the fast and efficient placement of vascular grafts. The device is available in a range of sizes.


Features & Benefits:


 – You can choose the tunnelling pathway that you want as the tunneller instrument can be easily shaped intra-operatively to individual surgical requirements.


 – Faster vascular tunnelling is achieved as there is no need to remove a handle or tips, and the graft remains attached until the end of the procedure, saving operating time and reducing the risk of the graft twisting in situ.


 – Bidirectional design provides the greatest choices of tunnelling options


 – The efficient tunnelling action produces a tight subcutaneous tunnel with excellent tissue / graft proximity and superior graft healing.


 – Special waist design of bullet tips means significantly reduced tunnelling trauma because the graft is attached to the waist of the tip it is protected while passing through the tunnel so there is less chance of the graft producing the ploughing effect of conventional “Kelly Wick” type tunnellers.


– Sterile packaged single use instrument ready to use. No re-sterilisation costs, delays in surgery, or missing tips as can be associated with conventional tunnelling sets.