Straub Workshop – Arnsberg

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08-12-17 08:00 - 17:00
Arnsberg, Germany
Phone:+41 81 720 04 60
Address: Stolte Ley 5, 59759 Arnsberg, Germany


With nearly 75’000 inhabitants Arnsberg is one of the bigger cities in Germany. Arnsberg is well known for the
unique combination of culture and nature. Arnsberg offers a wide range of cultural activities as theatres and


Klinikum Arnsberg, Karolinen-Hospital,
Arnsberg-Hüsten, Germany
Proctor: Dr. Michael Lichtenberg
Capacity: 8 guest doctors
Location: Stolte Ley 5, 59759 Hüsten, Germany


The concept

To allow guest physicians a genuine learning experience with Straub Medical’s proctors to ask questions and discuss the procedure first-hand in the Cath lab. Straub Medical offers approximately 25 workshops per year in various European locations for physicians to become familiar with the product and the procedure.