Beijing Demax Medical Technology Co. Ltd., founded in November 2004, is a Research and Development (R&D) company, specializing in the production and marketing of disposable sterile medical equipment.

Mastro® Balloon In-deflation Device

Product Introduction:


1. 30ml clear syringe barrel and 30 atm maximum pressure, can be applied not only to the inflation of PTCA balloons, but also a majority of PTA balloons.

2. Offering quicker inflation and deflation (both positive/negative pressure), which is more suitable for the larger sized balloon


Y Connector Pack

Product Introduction:


 – High pressure resistance, and the bearing pressure is 300psi.

 – High Memory hemostasis valve, which effectively reduces blood loss.

 – Maximum diameter 3.1mm, which meets the transport needs of various devices.


Gusta® Coronary Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Product Introduction:


PTCA balloon dilatation catheter Gusta® and PTCA non-compliant balloon dilatation catheter Gusta®NC with mature technology and excellent resistance to high pressure will bring you near-perfect clinical solutions.


Introducer Sheath Kit

Product Introduction:


 – Atraumatic tapered tip minimising vascular damage.

 – Enhanced pushability and flexibility.

 – Super-smooth process between the sheath tube and Dilator to ensures outstanding puncture performance.


Peelable Introducer

Product Introduction:


 – Special fluorine plastic sheath tube significantly reduces the resistance of the lumen and outer wall in the operation.
– Perfect fit of the sheath tube and the dilating catheter reduces damages of tissues and blood vessels.



Product Introduction:


– Pre-lubricated handle makes the rotary more smoothly.
– Pressure Resistance 500psi.


Pressure Line

Product Introduction:


 – Full length option.
– Pressure Resistance 500psi.
– Include standard femalel and male luer connector.


Control Syringes

Product Introduction:


 – Humanistic handle design, special spraying process, and more smooth injection.
– Smooth and transparent injector with intuitive and clear scale, which is easy to observe and read.


Radial Artery Compressor Tourniquet

Product Introduction:


 – Simple structure and convenient operation.
– Centralized force to effectively stop bleeding.
– Transparent compression plate, which is easy for the observation of the puncture point.


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