We are a Cardio Vascular Company specializing in Vascular, Cardiac and Endo Vascular Products.


As a South African Sales Team, we have a history of efficient services and expertise. Vascumed is actively involved in the Vascular Fraternity and we pride ourselves in being Platinum Corporate Members of the Vascular Society of South Africa (VASSA).


Our continued support as Corporate Members has gained us recognition and support by VASSA and its members.



*Vascumed is a member of the Vascular Education Forum VEF.
*Vascumed (Pty) Ltd is a Platinum Member of the Vascular Society of South Africa.


Vascumed is as fast-moving as the industry it has chosen to specialise in. Every month is marked by a bold development, whether in the form of operational enhancements, new national offices or sending all the sales staff for courses.


We believe that our greatest asset is the consistency, with which we place our customers first, ensuring that in solving problems and offering solutions, we are not merely showcasing our talents, but offering real-time cost savings and increased efficiency in business operations..