Hemostatic Series


AnsCare offers Chitosan and PVA sponge as hemostatic solutions which are used in surgical settings as well as after surgery treatments. Chitosan-based products help wound exudates management and platelet aggregation while the hydrophilic PVA sponges enable quick wound exudate absorbability and maintain moist environment, especially ideal for rhinologic and ophthalmic surgery.












Wound Care Series


AnsCare offers wound care solutions for both acute and chronic wounds as well as scar care. There are two types of products:

1) hydrocolloid dressing intended for moist wound management

2) silicone gel for scar prevention





















First Aid Series


AnsCare First Aid Series is mainly used for rapid hemorrhage control of traumatic injury in the pre hospital setting. It’s a must-have emergency medical supply for the emergency personnel. AnsCare ChitoClot Gauze and Bandage are currently available for the medical emergency.